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Software Solutions ( Systems )


It’s a group of programs designed to accomplish one or more specific tasks according to the customer’s requirements in order to:
• Save money, effort and time.
• Speed in work performance.
• Accuracy.
• Avoid any possible mistakes.
• Protect data from tampering and theft.
• Arrangement and easily to find and modify certain information.

That is why it became one of requirements for any office or company either it is small or large that have a system or group of systems to manage their work well. There are two types of systems:
• Local system: it’s on a certain computer, mean the system install on a certain computer and the inputting and viewing data is on the same computer, it used in the small offices that their work is only in one place or don’t need any exchange of information between two places.
• Web based system: it’s on the web, mean the system install on a server (Hosting) and the inputting and viewing data from any computer in the web by username and password which specified for each user this will be useful in the companies which have more than one branch (for example when input data in branch (A) it will view automatically in the main branch or in branch (B) according to the customer requirements).
Impulse Company is ready to implement all your needs as required in a professional way, For both types of systems we have to specify it’s requirements and needs between the customer and our company then we designed, programmed, tested, and then delivered to the customer and after delivery there is support and possibility to make updates and upgrade whenever the customer needs.

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