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Internet Services

1. Internet Services using VSAT technology

Impulse company is one of the best companies in the region in the VSAT internet providing field with major projects in Iraq and active services in Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon we offers wide range of satellite internet packages, you can choose from the two options available the solution that satisfy your needs.
Call Us from 9AM - 3 PM (Baghdad Time +3GMT): +9647904346666

A. Dedicated Internet Connection (SCPC/SCPC) and (SCPC/DVB)

Dedicated systems are ideal for large-enterprise customers or medium-size businesses requiring reliable high-speed and high-throughput Internet service. Dedicated bandwidth is 100% dedicated to you. No sharing, no slowdowns during peak hours, no restrictions on use from the network provider.
Download Dedicated VSAT offer

B. Internet using shared service

Good quality internet services using satellite technology, Impulse provide the current solutions for shared services
I-Direct X3 Offer | Linkstar Offer | I-Direct 5000 Offer

2. Wireless internet service using fiber optic technology

Wireless internet service broadcasted throught central points in Baghdad and other governorates
This service is very suitable because of it's cheap cost and easy hardware installation

Download Wireless internet offer

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